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Team Building in Taman Negara
Why Team Building in Taman Negara?
Taman Negara is well known worldwide as one of the oldest rainforest still exist on planet Earth. The area is remote, however easily accessible by boat and by land within few hours drive from Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan. This remoteness gives few advantages to any organizations and companies in organizing team building exercise as listed below.

1. Isolate the participants from unnecessary distractions (no shopping and entertainment outlets in Taman Negara);

2. Focus on working as a team and create togetherness in an area alien to the participants (no visiting by family members and friends);

3. Clean environment and unpolluted natural area; and

4. A visit to Taman Negara is  a privilege  due to the fact that not everyone has this  opportunity in his or her lifetime. Therefore, having team building in Taman Negara is an additional privilege and boost up subordinates morale and self-esteem.

Team Building with Jenut Holidays

Besides handling general tours, special interest and adventure tours, Jenut Holidays Sdn Bhd has helped in co-organise with some organisations in conducting team building exercises for their staff members.  

We can blend in with general recreational tours and the team building games as we aim to make your team bonding exercise in Taman Negara area achievable and enjoyable.

Some of available team building games as follows:

1. Water Confidence
2. River Rafting

3. Xplorace

Some of Team Building Groups in
Taman Negara co-organised
with Jenut Holidays Sdn Bhd

Kelab Telekom Malaysia
(18 – 21 October 2008) 
PNB Darby Park Executive Suites
(19 – 21 December 2008) 
Foxboro (M) Sdn Bhd
(7 – 9 February 2009) 
Crown Line (M) Sdn Bhd
(18 - 20 December 2009) 
Dubai International Schools Teachers
(6 - 8 April 2010) 
Penang Port Commission
(23 - 26 May 2010) 
Ministry of Youth & Sports
(16 - 18 July 2011)

Jumbohan Marketing Sdn Bhd
(16 - 18 September 2011)

Persatuan Belia Sri Kaseh Seremban
(28 - 30 January 2012)

Panasonic Industrial Devices Semiconductor Melaka
(17 - 18 March 2012)

Kelab Sukan, Rekreasi & Kebajikan PLUS (HQ)
(30 March - 1 April 2012)

Bank Simpanan Nasional
(17- 19 May 2013)
Kelab Pendaki Bukit Jambul, Penang
(18 - 21 April 2014)

Royal Military College
(2 - 5 June 2015)

SMK Seri Serdang
(5 - 7 June 2015)