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1. Kuala Tahan
The name derives from the main tributary of Tembeling’s Tahan River which originated from Tahan mountain range. Act as the main entrance to Taman Negara, the Park HQ is easily accessible by boat and by road. All guided tours start here, and most of lodging and food services are located within 5km radius.
2. Bukit Teresek (Teresek Hill)
The peak of the hill is 2km from Park HQ and situated at 334 metres (1096 feet) above sea level. The trail to Teresek Hill may be one of the best introduction to the rainforest eco-system. The first 500 metres is relatively an easy walk whilst the next part is a steep climb where there are two look-out points – one overlooking Tembeling River and the other overlooking Tahan River and Mount Tahan.
3. Canopy Walkway
One of the 3 found in Malaysia, Taman Negara’s Canopy Walkways is situated 1.5km from Park HQ. Regarded as one of the longest in the world, it stretches 530 metres in length and 40 metres above forest floor with 9 platforms constructed on tree top and provides bird’s eye view of rainforest 5 main canopy layers. Originally build up for research purposes, it has become the highlight of the trip to Taman Negara and a popular place for bird enthusiast.
4. Lata Berkoh
The boat cruise to Lata Berkoh through Tahan River may be the most photographed part of Taman Negara. Located 8km from Park HQ, it offers picturesque scenic of lowland dipterocarp and riverine forest. The rock formation of the cascade at Lata Berkoh creates natural jacuzzi and it is rewarding for swimming or a dip pool.
5. Lubok Tenor Fish Sanctuary
Set-up as part of conservation program for endangered species of fresh water fish, Lubok Tenor is accessible by boat en-route Lata Berkoh. Visitors may also do 4 - 5 hours trekking from Kuala Tahan and return by boat, vice versa. There is a campsite and huts with toilet facilities and cooking area for those who want to stay overnight.
6. Lubok Simpon
Located 800 metres from Mutiara Resort, this river pool is reachable by foot within 15 - 20 minutes walk through flat trail from Park HQ. Visitors can also trek up to Teresek Hill and detour to Lubok Simpon via Jenut Muda trail.
7. Gua Telinga
Gua Telinga translated literally means ‘Ear Cave’ due to the cave formation which resembles a human ear. It house thousands of bats, and other inhabitants like the cave racer snake, millipede, centipede and giant toad.
8. Kuala Trenggan
Name after Trenggan River, another tributary of Tembeling River, this beautiful place is the best site for birdwatching, fishing and animal observation. Located 9km from Park HQ, it is reachable 45 minutes by boat or 6 hours trek. The most popular observation hide in Taman Negara, Kumbang Hide, is 2km away
9. Kuala Keniam
Situated 25km from Park HQ and reachable by boat within two hours, Kuala Keniam house a research centre set-up by Department of Wildlife and MARA University of Technology. Kuala Keniam is popular as a transit point for visitors to four major caves in Taman Negara, namely Gua Luas, Gua Daun Menari, Gua Kepayang Besar and Gua Kepayang Kecil.
10. Kuala Perkai
Located 4.5km from Kuala Keniam, Kuala Perkai is popular among anglers. Best season for fishing is from February to September. Popular fishes include Kelah (Malaysian Masheer), Sebarau (Jungle Perch), Tengas (Brook Carp), Toman (Greater Snakehead) and Baung (Catfish)
11. Gua Kepayang Besar and Gua Kepayang Kecil
These are 2 notable caves between Kuala Trenggan and Kuala Keniam, an isolated area of the park. Gua Kepayang Kecil and Gua Kepayang Besar are 7.5km from Kuala Trenggan and reachable by foot only approximately 4 hours walk. The main cave, Gua Kepayang Besar is a very large chamber at the eastern side of the outcrop. Entry is at ground level and there is a plenty of space to move around inside – indeed you may see footprints and elephants droppings in there. While the smaller chamber, Gua Kepayang Kecil is located at the western end of the outcrop.
12. Gua Daun Menari and Gua Luas
Of the string of limestone outcrops stretching eastwards from Gua Kepayang, the tallest is Bukit Batu Luas. Gua Luas and Gua Daun Menari are 4km from Kuala Keniam and takes two hours walk. At the point where the outcrop is first met there is a steep path leading up a rocky slope to a shelf and a small cave called Gua Luas. About 12 minutes walk anti-clockwise around the base of the outcrop you will find the entrance to Gua Daun Menari or “Cave of the Dancing Leaves”. A wind blows gently from the mouth of this large chamber, fluttering the leaves at the cave entrance; but the openings are hidden from the view high in the cave roof.
13. Gunung Tahan
The highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia, Gunung Tahan is 55km from Park HQ and the summit is 2,816 metres above sea level which requires 7 days return journey. The trail is suitable for adventurous with high level of physical fitness  and mental readiness only.


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