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1. Trenggan – Keniam – Perkai Trails
a. Trenggan Trail
A 2 Days 1 Night trail from Kuala Tahan with an overnight at Kumbang Hide or Trenggan campsite. Kumbang Hide is a popular spot for animal observation, common sightings include Tapir, wild boar, sambar deer and occasionally elephants and tigers. Return trip includes Rapids Shooting between Kuala Trenggan and Kuala Tahan with a stop at Orang Asli Settlement en-route (may subject to availability due to nomadic tribe).
b. Keniam Trail
A 3 Days 2 Nights trail from Kuala Tahan. Similar to Trenggan Trail, this come with an extension night inside one of 4 caves. A good opportunity to explore all 4 caves including Gua Kepayang Besar, Gua Kepayang Kecil, Gua Daun Menari and Gua Luas. A stop at Orang Asli Settlement during return trip to Kuala Tahan.
c. Perkai Trail
A 4 Days 3 Night trail with a continuous trek to Kuala Perkai from Kuala Keniam. Night fishing at Kuala Perkai will be a rewarding experience.
2. Tenor Trail
A 4 Days 3 Nights trail with an overnight at Khemah Yong, Kem Renuis and Kem Lameh. After short boat ride from Kuala Tahan, the trail from Pengkalan Blau runs parallel with Sungai Yong, Sungai Tenor and Sungai Tahan and the trail passes Bumbun Blau and Bumbun Yong. Attractions include to view the highest limestone outcrop in Peninsular Malaysia from a distance - Gua Peningat (2,340ft) from Bukit Pecah Piring, Lata Ketitah – a long cascade between Kem Renuis and Kem Lameh and a visit to Bumbun Chegar Anjing for animal observation.
3. Gunung Tahan Trail
A 7 Days 6 Nights trail to the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia, Gunung Tahan. The summit is 2,187 metres above sea level normally requires 7 days journey with 110km return trekking from Park HQ. Challenges include several river crossing, sometime hazardous after heavy downpour. Traverses long dry ridges demanding rationing of every last drop of water. The climatic extremes are daunting, as conditions on the Gunung Tahan plateau can be as cold as 4°C, whilst there is an intense humidity of the lowlands, torrential downpours, pestering insects, and the battle against leeches.
Important Note :
a. All the above Adventure Tours require high level of physical fitness and mental determination.
b. Not suitable for people with health problem, pregnant lady and physically challenged.


Adventure Jungle Trails

Kumbang Hide

Camping inside Gua Kepayang

 Pengkalan Blau

Khemah Yong