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Eventhough rainforest  only constitute  less than 10%  from total forest  in the world, more  than half
of plants species are found there. However, the native plants and animal species in the world's tropical
rainforests are  becoming  extinct due  to  deforestration  and  agricultural  expansion.  Deforestration 
increases the  level of  greenhouse gases, contributes to  global  climate change, soil erosion, drought
and flooding.
Taman  Negara  is  the  most  extensive  protected  area  of pristine, lowland, evergreen  rainforest  in
Malaysia. The stated purpose of Taman Negara is "to  utilise the land within the park in  perpetuity,  for
the propagation, protection and preservation of indigeneous flora and fauna".
Dating  back  over  130  million  years,  Taman  Negara  is  one  of  world’s  oldest  tropical  rainforest.  
During the Ice Ages, much of the Earth was  covered by immense glaciers that  kept the global climate
cool. Consequently, many  of  the planet's  tropical rainforests  had to wait  until  the glaciers  receded
before they could evolve. Taman Negara  rainforest, however, was blessed with a  location far enough
away  from the ice  that it developed  130 million years ago - far earlier than those of Africa  and Latin
America.  The  forest   itself is  one of  the most  ancient on  the planet,  far older  than the  equatorial
forests  of  the  Amazon  or  the  Congo.  It  has  for tens of  thousands of  years been  the home  of
nomadic forest people, and ancient civilizations have flourished as well as disappeared in its vastness.
Legends abound &  archaeologists have only just begun  their efforts here. Equally exciting discoveries
are now  being made by genetic biologists, who  have begun  searching the wealth of life in Malaysia's
forests for  new  medicines  with which  to  combat  AIDS, cancer,  and many  other illnesses.  Taman
Negara is also  a home to  Peninsular Malaysia's  highest peak ie. Gunung  Tahan as well as a home to
more than 10,000 species of plants, 300 species of mammals such as the Sumatran Rhinoceros,  the
the Asian Elephant, tigers, sun bear and tapirs; 300 species of fish and over 380 species of birds.
With so much to see and to do, a trip to Taman Negara is a must on your itinerary.


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